"The past two days I have had to work at the awkward-height workstation that always makes my shoulder and neck feel horrible, and I have had ZERO discomfort. I haven't even had to use that shoulder blade exercise because there is no pain to relieve. You are working miracles!! This shoulder has plagued me for at least five years and I don't think it has ever felt as good as it does this weekend." 

Kate R. (2/23/2014)

"The drive from Toledo is a small price to pay for the results to my shoulder and knees that have made it possible for me to resume competitive senior tennis at a high level."


Lisa is a wonderful occupational therapist! She has the unique ability to assess pain and locate the source(s). After MFR treatments I feel like a new person. My neck pain and headaches are nearly gone! After 3 years of frustrating dead end doctors and therapies. Lisa gave me my life back. Not only was treatment life-changing, Lisa worked with me to set a schedule that worked for both of us. She accommodated my crazy school hours and helped me finally make progress towards getting my life back. Lisa not only helped me during therapy, she gave me techniques to use while I was at home to self-treat. She taught me several techniques to use once I no longer needed therapy every week. I would recommend Lisa to anyone.

 Rachel G

"I know I will see you in the morning, but I wanted to share with you that I went out with some girlfriends tonight, and after a few drinks I brought up the subject of pelvic pain. I told them how much agony I have been in for the last 8 years, and I was surprised to hear that some of them were experiencing the same or similar symptoms. They were also concerned with the pain they have been having for quite some time- period type cramping that does not seem to go away, making everyday events unpleasant, and sex a very un-wanted event. Well, big mouth that I am, I perked right up and started bragging about you and your therapy! I gave away all three of the brochures I got from your office! The girls were all so excited to know they were not all messed up in the head, and there were others out there suffering as they are, and there might be a solution to their misery. We sat and chatted for almost three hours over margaritas over how painful it is to just make it through the day without breaking down and crying. I hope they contact you to get some relief! I just feel so wonderful since my first visit to your office that I just want to tell the world! I hope someday when you write a book you can use my experience, and others like myself, as examples of people that thought they would just have to deal with this awful pain forever, being as I was: too ashamed or worried of feeling like people thought I was messed up, and found to our very happy surprise there is help, it does work, and we should no longer be embarrassed or ashamed to tell someone they need help. 
Thank you a million times over,
Thank you,"


"Wonderful experience-helped correct a long term neck problem. Personal and sincerer desire to help me get well."


With only four MFR sessions with Lisa, I already feel better! She is truly a healer. 

Thank you,
Suzanne K.  

"I had been suffering from severe lower back pain since the mid-1990s. An old friend told me about myofascial release therapy, which led me to Healing In Motion. I do not exaggerate when I say that after a single session with Lisa in the spring of 2010, my pain went away -- and has not returned since (it is now the fall of 2011). I believe that weight loss and exercise helped as well, but I was truly amazed by the results of a single session. What also impressed me was her willingness to show me exercises that would help me remain free of pain. I do them regularly and have only had to return once -- after spraining my back in a recent accident. But once again, Lisa saved the day and the pain quickly dissipated. I am very grateful to have Healing in Motion nearby and recommend them wholeheartedly and without reservation. Thank you, Lisa!"