Pilates & Running Coach

Rehabilitation based Pilates is now being offered by Lisa Wiley OTRL CHT. Unlike “fitness” Pilates we focus on modifications to limit the often reported “neck pain” associated with performing Pilates, in addition to other modifications so your body can get the most out of the movement experience. Often people find that the modifications allow them to target their problem areas and have a more positive movement experience. If your goal is to develop a home practice or you would like private sessions we are happy to help you establish confidence for the movement that makes your body feel and move better.

Running coach. For the love of running for the sake of running! We can help you develop a program for getting you in shape to run vs suffering through the common injuries new and experienced runners encounter.

Short video clips and a three exercise movement screening provides us with enough information to make small suggestions and ​recommend ​exercises that can make significant positive changes in your running form and post-run feeling.

We have added these additional offerings because they are beneficial, motivating and gratifying.

​Come check them out and I hope you will feel the same!​