Runity Video Analysis Directions

Film yourself running on a treadmill using the following tips for recording to make sure your video is acceptable for analysis.

-use the "Hudl Technique" application to shoot.  Android  Apple

-Please make sure your device is not recording in slow motion: Disable Slo-Mo feature in the app.

-Position the device so you can get a perfect side view of the runner. 

-You must be able to see the whole body of the runner in the screen.

-Leave at least 30cm of space above your head.

-Place the center of the camera/tablet at the height of the pelvis.

-Make sure the camera/tablet is completely horizontal.

-Make sure there's enough uninformed light so shadows are not created. 

-Record at least 15 seconds in landscape position.

-Film yourself running at 7.5 mph (12 km/h). If you are not able to run at that speed, please run at the fastest comfortable speed and note it in the comments.

-Mark on the floor the exact place you recorded the video to be as accurate as possible for future comparisons.

-Through the Hudl app share to