Therapeutic Intensive

What is a Therapeutic Intensive?

 At times, pain responses or injuries have been unresponsive to therapy in other settings, or are deeply ingrained and need a more intensive approach. The therapeutic intensive program offers an opportunity to accelerate the healing process. This is modeled after the intensive programs at the Myofascial Release Treatment Centers in Paoli, PA and Sedona, AZ. Healing In Motion offers a 1-week option for those who are unable to take advantage of these phenomenal 2 and 3-week programs at the treatment centers.

How does an Intensive work?

    A major cause in chronic dysfunction is ongoing accommodation to previous pathology with inefficient structural alignment and movement patterns. The intensified treatment schedule undermines obsolete holding or postural patterns, and facilitates a return to normal function of the various integrated systems of the body-mind complex, thus accelerating clinical progress.

    The result is that measurable changes can be achieved relatively quickly.

Program Details

Treatment hours are generally between 7 -6 Monday through Friday. Saturday appointments may be available. The Intensive treatment sessions can be scheduled for up to 3 hours in a day. These hours are typically split into 2 or 3 sessions to allow time for processing. The exact schedule is determined by the needs of the individual and by therapist availability. Time for daily study, journaling, therapeutic exercises and rest periods is included.

There are parks, gardens, antique stores and some unique shops in Dixboro for wandering and resting during your breaks. Hotels are just down the street at the intersection of Plymouth and Green Road.


Completed health insurance claim forms and receipts can be provided for clients claiming reimbursement from their health insurance. Clinical documentation is provided upon request. Health insurance plan eligibility, coverage, or pre-authorizations are the responsibility of the individual client.

Intensives must be scheduled at least one week in advance. A deposit of ½ the intensive fee is required to schedule and is refundable up to one week prior to the intensive. Canceling these sessions with less than one week notice will forfeit your deposit, or you may reschedule for future dates and your deposit will be held. Full payment must be made prior to beginning the treatments. Our hourly rate does not change for intensive sessions. A receipt for all treatment will be available for possible reimbursement or tax purposes.