Myofascial Release: John F. Barnes Myofascial Release (JFB MFR) is not your "typical" myofascial release, that massage therapists, occupational therapists and physical therapists learned in school under the same name. It is a "style" that treats the whole body not just a specific area. The sensation is more like treating the muscle from the inside out verses outside in.

Wellness Program: Since Healing In Motion offers Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy we use "Wellness" to distinguish the non-physical and occupational therapy treatments with this term. You receive JFB MFR from a trained practitioner  as well as instruction on how to do self releases and Kinesio Tape application. Under the Wellness Program, individuals can receive treatments from our massage therapist or occupational therapist without a script from a physician. However, these services are not reimbursable under health insurance. They are enlargeable for health savings accounts. 

Lymphatic Drainage: Often your lymphatic system is grossly overlooked in regards to health. "Lymphedema" is a condition effecting the body's ability to eliminate protein rich fluid from the body. This is common after surgeries such as breast surgery, either lumpectomy or mastectomy. It can also occur with radiation or any traumatic injury.

Pelvic Rehabilitation: Both men and women can benefit from pelvic rehabilitation. Pelvic rehabilitation offers you treatment addressing pain with intercourse, sitting for long periods of time, general pelvic pain as well as urinary incontinence. There are many issues that fall under pelvic rehabilitation. Please call us if you have any questions as it relates to your specific needs.

Therapeutic Intensive: Modeled after the intensives offered at John Barnes Myofascial Release Treatment Centers in Sedona, AZ and Paoli, PA.This program offers 3hr treatments per day divided into three 1hr sessions or two 1.5 hr sessions. Appointments are scheduled for 5 consecutive days or longer.This model is beneficial for those wanting to accelerate the healing process.