Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ

Do I need a prescription?

To bill insurance, a prescription is required. The prescription must be from an MD, DO, nurse practitioner or physician's assistant. Some insurance requires MD or DO and do not accept prescriptions as valid for treatment if provided by a nurse practitioner or physician's assistant. This is insurance dependent.

What should a prescription say?

There are main points that are required to be on a prescription to make it valid for therapy.

  1. Discipline (Occupational or Physical therapy)
  2. Diagnosis. Not just arm pain but something specific.
  3. Frequency and duration “1x a week for 4 weeks”.
  4. Suggested treatments “myofascial release, home exercise program”.

I have a prescription for therapy on another facility’s stationery. Do I need a specific referral to Healing In Motion for therapy?

You are not restricted to seeing a particular therapist based on the stationary that the physical therapy referral was written on. As long as your referral request physical or occupational therapy, it can be honored at any facility.

Is a prescription required for treatment?

It is for billing insurance, it is not if you would plan on paying out of pocket. Massage therapy and occupational therapy does not require a prescription in the State of Michigan. Physical therapy requires a prescription after 10 visits or 21 days of treatment.

What is the Wellness Program?

Our wellness program allows people to come as frequently or infrequently as they would like. This is helpful for the “occasional tune-up” to prevent the recurrence of symptoms. It does not require a prescription which means the visits are NOT reimbursable by insurance. It is recommended that you have had a recent visit with your physician prior to your visit. The utilization of a flex spending account may be used for these visits. Private and group Pilates are also included under our Wellness Program.

Why do you recommend not to use lotions or moisturizing soap prior to treatment?

Myofascial release on a “slippery surface” inhibits its effect. The technique requires a good connection of the therapist’s hands on the skin. If the hands slip and slide a connection to the underlying issue can not be accomplished diminishing the potential for release.

What do I wear for treatment sessions for myofascial release?

Loose-fitting clothing is recommended. Some people bring a two-piece bathing suit. However, it is not necessary. It is important for the therapist to have access to skin/treatment areas. Tight-fitting sports bras can make reaching and releasing key areas difficult. Sans clothing is not recommended.

...but you didn’t get to my other troubled/other spots?

Unlike traditional massage therapy that may address each area of your body in the course of treatment, myofascial release relies on “time” for addressing troubled areas. This means we do not work in one area a little bit and then move on to the next. The troubled areas may require “time” for the hold of the release so there may not be enough time to cover “EVERYTHING.”

Does Healing In Motion bill insurance for therapy services?

Many of the services at Healing In Motion, PLLC may be reimbursed by your insurance. Please note that to maintain our high standard of care, we are not contracted with health insurance providers and are therefore considered an out of network provider. Although we are out of network, our physical/occupational therapy services may still be covered by your insurance, but it is your responsibility to understand the limitations of your insurance with regards to deductibles and copays so there are no surprises when you receive payment. Payment to Healing In Motion, PLLC for non-Medicare and auto insurance is expected at the time of service, and upon request, we will forward your claim to our billing company for reimbursement directly to you from your insurance.

Do you take my insurance?

We are in-network for Medicare plans. We do bill for most auto insurance. We do not accept AllState. If your auto is not primary for billing payment is expected at the time of service. We are OUT OF NETWORK for all others.

What about commercial insurance?

We are out of network for all non-auto or government-based insurance. What this means is that we can still see you but the coverage is for the “out of network” benefit. Usually, out of network has a higher deductible and reimburses at a lower percentage rate than in-network providers.

Why are you out of network?

To keep things simple. We strive to provide quality time with our patients and provide quality care. By being out of network we decrease our overhead and allow out time to be focused on patient care rather than the pursuit of reimbursement from insurance companies. Accepting assignment from insurance companies often means low reimbursement. This can lead to needing to over schedule patients to ensure financial success. This can sacrifice the quality of care.


Wellness visits

$30 for each 15 min

Example: $120 for an hour

Pilates Private Session

$60 per hour

Example: $60 for an hour, $90 for 1.5 hours

Insurance based visit

$110 eval, $80 each 30 minute

Example: $110 eval + $80 = $190 for initial visit

$160 for additional hour visit