Below is a list of some common self-treatment items, and things I frequently recommend.

Note: Healing In Motion may get a commission from items purchased from this page.

A Guide to Better movement

This has been a great resource for my clients to understand pain and process of recovery.


It may look a bit scary, but it has been found to be a favorite for people experiencing neck pain and tension.


You stick it to a wall and the cone tip and be a substitute for a "thumb" to reach painful places you cannot reach and you are in control of the pressure.

Buckwheat Hull Pillow

Not high fashion for your bed but is very comfortable for side sleepers. It can be conformed to shape your head, neck and shoulders in many sleep positions.

Extra Buckwheat Hull

Sometimes the pillow needs some extra filling to get the desired support.

Stretch Out Strap

A simple design that is great for stretching but also exercises.

Balance Cushion

When placed on any sturdy chair it can simulate sitting on a Swiss ball without having to chase it around or take up large amount of space. Allows you to "wiggle" while you work or work on posture and stability. Great for people that sit for long periods of time and experience stiffness in their spine.

Pelvic Wedges-foam

For self treatment at home. Don't worry , we will show you how to use them!

Pelvic Wedges

For self treatment at home.

Soft Roller

For self treatment at home.

Medium Firm Roller

For self treatment at home.