Myofascial Release- Novi, MI

Change Your Strategy, Change Your Life

A phrase to live by. If we continue to do the same things that don't seem to be helping us, how can real change ever happen? It doesn’t. 

I speak both as a professional and from my own personal journey.  I enormously benefited from myofascial release (MFR) and Pilates. In my case, I was trying to address long-term low back pain and limited ability for transitional movements such as getting up from a chair or rolling over in bed. It  worked. 

Change requires dedication, discipline and someone who knows how to teach and guide you through that change. I am excited to bring you the opportunity to experience real and lasting change at Healing in Motion

With a long history (15+ years) of offering myofascial release in the Ann Arbor area, and now in Novi.

Lisa has been practicing the John F. Barns Myofascial release approach for more than ten years. 

Many clients have found success with treatment at Healing In Motion as we treat the whole person, not just their symptoms. Success in treatment is achieved through communication with your therapist regarding the application of the technique, compliance, and follow through with home program and recommendations. Recovery is more than just showing up; it is a process as healing never happens linearly. 

We use “hands-on techniques” that can be subtle and feel like they reach deep into your body. When gentle sustained pressure is applied to treatment areas initially, it may feel like little pressure at all, but, over time, this gives way to substantial release of muscle tension. Nothing is ever “forced” or intentionally painful. As practitioners of this method, we welcome feedback for developing trust between patient and therapist. 

Since 2016, in addition to myofascial release we have been offering equipment based Pilates.  Lisa received comprehensive  training with Polestar Pilates. This has been a worthwhile addition to our offerings as building awareness in the quality of our movement, muscle awareness and movement strategies can contribute to an increased overall sense of well-being.  On site we have a Reformer, Cadillac/trapeze Table, Pilates Chair, Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector. Our Pilates Reformer has been retrofitted to include Konnector allowing for unlimited potential for movement!

The intention of our offerings is to challenge you to move differently and more freely by gaining stability in your overused areas and flexibility in your not so flexible areas. This will promote movement with more efficiency and confidence, whether you are participating in your favorite sport or unloading the dishwasher. 

 In private sessions Pilates equipment is used to help facilitate movement during exercise and provide "proprioceptive" feedback with the goal of progressing movement and increasing strength. Pilates exercises are also incorporated in therapy sessions to encourage movement, strength and flexibility. So your myofascial treatments will be more beneficial!

Occupational Therapy

We treat a wide variety of diagnosis and ailments.

Please contact us to see if what we have to offer is right for you. 

Our Wellness program allows you to choose what works best for you, your body and your time. Our "Wellness Program" includes any service not normally covered by insurance. 

This option provides you the freedom to come as frequently or infrequently as you would like because you are not bound by the rules of your insurance provider (some exceptions apply).

Wellness can be a 60 min to 120 min myofascial release treatment, private Pilates sessions online or in-person,  online group Pilates or self-treatment session.

What we treat.

When people come to Healing In Motion, PLLC, they arrive with a diagnosis given by a heathcare provider, but we feel that  people are more than just a diagnosis. If you are struggleing with an everyday activity and you do not feel as though you are living up to your potential we will address your concerns and help you get back to doing the things you love to do. Don't let the absence of a list of "diagnosses we treat" keep you from reaching out to us. We are here to treat the person, YOU!