Radial Shockwave Therapy, Novi MI

Shockwave is an excellent option when your symptoms do not resolve long-term despite therapy, injections, and medications. 

Shockwave treatment is found to be effective for the treatment of myofascial trigger points and tendinopathies. 

At Healing In Motion, you have the opportunity to receive affordable  Radial Shockwave treatments and combine treatment with myofascial release and rehabilitative Pilates. 


Pricing is subject to the number of treatment areas or if it is a stand-alone appointment or incorporated into a scheduled wellness or therapy appointment. 

Stand-alone appointments are scheduled as 15min blocks of time. 

Single treatment: $75 (no follow-ups) for one treatment area, $20 for each additional treatment area during the same visit.

Series of 3 treatments pre-pay $135, $20 for each additional treatment area.

In conjunction with a wellness or therapy treatment session $30 for the first treatment area and $20 for each additional area.