Myofascial Release- Ann Arbor, MI

The John F. Barns Myofascial Release Approach®

At Healing In Motion, PLLC, we provide Myofascial Release as taught by John F Barnes', PT. This technique has been helpful for many people all over the world who thought they had to suffer from pain on a daily basis.

It is a technique that applies gentle sustained pressure where the hands are placed reaching deeper and farther than the muscles of the area being treated. Problems are approached as a "whole body" not just a body part.

Myofascial treatments are included as part of our Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy treatments as well as in our Wellness programs. Myofascial release treatments under wellness are not covered by traditional health insurance's. In some instances, myofascial release techniques are combined with Pilates movements.

What we treat...

There are many orthopedic and neurological diagnosis that can be listed here. Instead, we look at what is limiting your function or what you want to be able to do more easily and independently instead of seeing you as a diagnosis code. A billable diagnosis is required for billing insurance, but that is just a technicality.