Our Wellness Program

The Wellness Program for the freedom to choose what fits your needs.

Cross-hand release.

Under our wellness program, a prescription is not needed. However, you cannot be reimbursed by your insurance when utilizing this option.

Treatments under wellness are provided by our occupational therapist and massage therapist. Under certain circumstances, a physical therapist may be utilized for wellness treatments under the State of Michigan Physical Therapy Practice Act. Please contact us for details.

Flex spending accounts may be used for wellness visits, please contact your flex spending program for contract rules and regulations as each plan may vary.

Prior to scheduling your free first visit a 15min video or phone session is required to discuses your goals and find out if our treatment options are right for you and align with your needs.

Rates for Wellness are:

1 Hour=$120

1.5 Hour=$180

2 Hour=$240

If you would like a video follow -up session to review self-treatment as well as any stretch , exercise or to ask questions regarding your treatment.

Video session are in 15min. increments.

Rates for video follow-up seasons are as follows:

$20 (per 15 min.) if the follow-up session is scheduled on the day of your session.

$25 (per 15 min.) if scheduled after your wellness treatment session.

Private Pilates sessions as well as group Pilates (online) are also under our Wellness Program.

Please refer to our Pilates for Rehabilitation page for details.