Occupational Therapy

Cranialsacral Technique

Physicians Prescription-Please have your physician fill out this form if a prescription has not already been written for you. Please bring your prescription with you for your first visit. For your prescription for therapy to be valid, it must be dated less than 30 days from the date of your first visit.

Occupational Therapy 

Prescription Required

Transparent Health Care Costs


First Visit/Initial Evaluation: 

$110(approx 30min) + $84 for 30min of treatment=$194.

 Each following visit is $172 per hour. 

To receive therapy under Occupational Therapy  a prescription from a DO, MD is required to bill your insurance 

We participate in Medicare and will process auto claims with auto insurance as primary. We are out of network with all other insurance providers. Out-of-network deductibles will apply. Non-Medicare or non-auto client's payment is due at the time of service.

Here is a helpful link for understanding your health insurance plan.

In order to continue to deliver quality time and care to our patients, we continue to be a "cash-based clinic" for out-of-network insurance providers. This allows us to strive for quality care for our patients instead of treating a large number of patients. This may seem inconvenient, but previous and current patients find it worthwhile. Sometimes, one must do something different to get something different.

For more information and an understanding of our business model, you can find additional information here.

We offer to bill services through Chicagoland Medical Billing Specialists, Inc. They will also verify your insurance coverage and answer any billing questions prior to your first visit.  You can reach them at 815.986.4444. 

As an additional courtesy, we offer the opportunity to have your out-of-network claims processed for reimbursement to you through Chicagoland Medical Billing Specialist.