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Wellness Programs

Over a video platform Lisa can guide you through Pilates mat variations to help you regain strength, flexibility and freedom of movement for performing your daily tasks. Using what you have available for props along with expert guidance you can stay home and still work towards your goals.

To ensure you get the most out of your training with us a Movement Assessment is required. This provides you the opportunity to become more familiar with the exercises and cuing as well as helping the teacher to know what modifications are need. To ensure a positive movement experience can take place!

Fees and processes are the same for in person treatment.

If you have Pilates equipment at home and would like to have private instruction that incorporates your equipment please contact us to schedule online training is not limited to just mat exercises!

In the absence of in person myofascial release treatment Lisa will provide demonstration and instructions for how to apply myofascial release principles and techniques at home. Some helpful tools aside from your own hands are a foam roller, 4" inflatable ball.

Private Session:$75 per hour, $40 per half-hour.

Photo credit: Chris Montgomery

Based on interest, classes will be established based on experience level, from the new to movement or recovering for illness/injury to people with no limitations in movement or endurance.

A movement assessment may be required prior to starting group Pilates classes to ensure your safety and long term enjoyment.

Movement Assessment;$35

Package of 6 group classes: $72

Drop-In (after movement assessment): $15

Please contact regarding scheduling any of the online programs.